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La Potenza E L’ Amore  La Potenza E L’ Amore; from time to time a litter out of excellent parents   
La Potenza E L’ Amore is breeding since 2002 with Cane Corso’s and since 2012 with the Alano Espanol. Nowadays opur dogs are spread worldwide and can be found in many pedigrees. We X ray or dogs on elbows and hips, only breed with excellent typed dogs. Our pups get very welled socialized to get the best start of there lives. Export puppies that must wait in Holland till 15 or 16 weeks will come into the town and get trained to walk on a leash. Our pups are sold with pedigree and all needed vaccinations. If you like more information please feel to contact us. We are members of CCCN and ANCAE

Males and females

Cane Corso
Alano Espanol
La Vita Bella Silvestro
Frodo De Las Tinieblas
Cane Corso
Alano Espanol

Available and puppies

Cane Corso
Alano Espanol
Pups born 12 januari 2018



La Potenza E L’ Amore

La Potenza E L’ Amore Vriezekoop 3 2451CP Leimuiden e: canecorso@kpnmail.nl e: alano@kpnmail.nl t : +31(0)6-14580965 Sandra Varkevisser
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La Potenza E L’ Amore Di Daddy’s Girl
CH Mientje
Pups born 6 januari 2018
Be Happy expects her puppies around 28 feb 2018
by Sandra Varkevisser